Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oshima Cherry Blossoms

On Sunday, I went to see cherry blossoms at a nearby lake called "Komatsugaike".  In this part of Japan, it is not quite the season yet, but there is a variety that blossoms early and is in full bloom now. I had previously thought that the name of the variety was called "Kawazuzakura", but upon visiting the lake I found a signboard describing the local flowers and trees with the name "Oshima Cherry Blossoms" written on it. Not only does this type of cherry blossom bloom earlier than the usual Yoshino variety, but it also seems to be a darker pink color. It reminded me of the story "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back", where there is pink everywhere. 

The park where this lake is located is near the Keikyu train line between Miurakaigan and Misakiguchi station.  I decided to start from Miurakaigan station. Just in front, there was a big festival being held for the occasion. Between the cherry blossom trees in front of the station were many vendors selling beer and food. After snapping a few pictures, I managed to make my way through the crowd and headed toward the lake.  It was about a 15 minute walk and I could see many trees along the edge of the road.
Finally, I arrived at the lake.  With the exception of the crowds of people, it was perfect! Lately,it has been quite chilly, but today was a beautiful warm spring day. A crisp breeze blew of the lake as the cherry blossoms gently swayed in the wind. Ducks could be seen swimming about in the lake in front of the trees as if giving a performance.  I sat down under the trees for a little while to take it all in. I thought about how different this was from my hometown in Florida, where there are no cherry blossoms.  Perhaps many people don't know, but there are many trees in Washington D.C. which were given as a present by the people of Japan in 1912. I haven't had the opportunity to see it, but it seems that there is a large festival held there every year during the cherry blossom season. 

Below is a link to the pictures I took that day at Komatsugaike Park.


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