Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's up? An Earthquake!

Yesterday morning as I was lying in bed, I felt the room start to rumble a little bit and suspected that it was an earthquake. I glanced up to look at the light on the ceiling, a habit I have learned since living in Japan. If you know why, then you might be Japanese.

An earthquake experience is a lot like the feeling you get on an airplane when turbulance occurs. At first there is just a little rumbling and you tell yourself that this is normal and everything is going to be ok, and the shaking subsides after a few seconds. But then, there are those times when the shaking doesn't soon stop, but continues and even gets stronger、and that's when you start to think OH MY GOD I`M GONNA DIE!! That's kind of like the one I experienced today. It was only a 3.0, but when you are in a tall building that starts to sway like bamboo in a thunderstorm, it gets a little scary.

Sometimes at first notice though, it isn't always an earthquake. It could be any number of things that cause the slight vibrations in the room to occur. One of the first times I experienced an earthquake in Japan, I was at a friend's house when I began to notice the tremors. Suddenly, everyone in the room turned their heads up to look towards the light on the ceiling like they were suddenly put into a trance. " What are they looking at?", I thought,  before noticing that the long string hanging from the light  began to sway back and forth. That's when everyone suddenly yelled out "JISHIN!" Yup, it was an earthquake.

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