Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bosozoku in my neighborhood

Ok, so I can`t sleep because there is a low-speed police chase going on in my neighborhood. Some kid is going around on his moped while 4 police cars have their sirens blaring and they are yelling at him through a loud speaker for him to stop. He`s lucky this isn't the U.S. because he would have been shot by now; if not by the police, then by someone in the neighborhood for causing so much noise. Where`s George?

I don`t know what it is with Japanese people and motorcycles.  By day, they are the quietest, kindest people you could ever meet. But at night, especially in the summertime, some of them like to turn into wanna-be Hell`s Angels and make all kinds of noise with their bikes while driving through people`s neighborhoods late at night. Tiny bikes with mufflers removed to make big noise. I think it must be some type of stress release.

I still hear that motorcycle.

When they ride together in gangs, they are know as BOSOZOKU.  I have seen them on the news before for riding through toll booths without paying. Yea, terrible crime, right? But it seems to be a popular pastime around the new year`s holiday. Some of these motorcycle maniacs like to weave in and out of traffic, driving on the wrong side of the road and stopping the traffic at the intersection. That happened to me once some years back when I had a car.  Everyone was pulling over, but I thought if some guys on little motorcycles wanna play chicken with a car, then I think I`m gonna win. Full speed ahead!

Again, the sirens.....AAAAAARGH!


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