Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween in Japan

Everything is so cute in Japan, and maybe that is why Halloween doesn't have the same feel as  in he U.S. . While a lot of stores have Halloween decorations, I think that this holiday is one that will never catch on in Japan.

For one reason, Japanese kids generally don't eat that much candy. I am surprised at times when some kids tell me they don't like chocolate! I feel sorry for the Japanese children that are deprived of all the sugar that I had in my childhood.

The most notable difference is the absence of trick-or-treaters. Knocking on strangers ' doors asking for candy is impossible in a culture where people apologize for every inconvenience made on others, worry about what others think, and where every favor is paid back generously.

In the land of Pokemon, Kitty-chan and never-ending cuteness, it also comes as no surprise that Japanese kids don't seem that accustomed to scary things. So last year when I dressed up as a skeleton donning a Scream mask and walked through the neighborhood on my way to a student's house on Halloween, I think I freaked out a lot of Japanese kids.  An old woman came out of her house to scold me.  "You're scaring the kids" , she said in a harsh tone." Sono tsumori dayo", I thought to myself. "That was my intention".


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