Thursday, October 3, 2013

My McDonald's Experience

Even though living in Japan affords me the opportunity to eat healthy, I still have to go to McDonald's more often than I should to get my junk food fix.

This morning when I went to McDonald's, or Mac as they say here, I was hungrier than usual, so I decided to M size my order. M - not as is mega, but as in medium. When it isn't breakfast, one can "L size" one's drinks and potato fries (french fries). You can forget about "super-size" I remember when I first went to Mac in Japan, I thought that they had made a mistake and given me a small or medium drink instead of the large that I had ordered. Nope. Their "large" is just a little smaller. Other than the sizes, the menus are pretty much the same, as I can recall.

The biggest difference for me, is the service. This morning, as I approached the counter, a girl standing by the soda machine literally ran over to me, bowed, and with a big smile greeted me. Their uniforms were clean and crisp as well as the restaurant itself. When my order came, she leaned over the counter holding my order with both hands, and with a smile, cheerfully thanked me and asked me to come again. I did not get the impression of unmotivated people working for minimum wage, but of professionals that worked with pride. It was something straight out of a commercial. After finishing my breakfast, I go to throw away my trash. The trash is separated into 3 different bins; one for paper, one for plastic, and one for pouring out your left-over drink. But before I finish completing my task, an employee comes running over to me, takes my tray and smiles and thanks me. At that point, I feel it is a little too much. I can throw away my own trash!

One thing that puzzles me about Japanese people at McDonald's is the way that they line up. Even though there may be 3 registers open, they still line up in one line and wait to be called. Then, when the line gets too long, an employee will come out and separate the customers into 3 separate lines. Sometimes when I am in a hurry, I jump in front of one of the empty registers, and I can feel that I am screwing up their sense of order as they give me the evil eye.

Thank-you for reading my blog! Please come again! (^_^)/~

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